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Welcome to the Wishpond's Podcast Series. These podcasts, brought to you weekly by the Wishpond marketing team, deliver expert interviews as well as panel discussions, focused on the most influential stories, news and changes in the marketing sector. All our podcasts are designed to educate and entertain, ensuring our listeners leave with valuable and actionable strategies they can implement to find success online today.
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Mar 19, 2015

This week's online marketing conversation features James Scherer, Samantha Mykyte and Claire Grayston discussing email marketing. They get into its origins, how they use it themselves to find success both with generating leads and retaining clients, as well as optimization tips and a brief discussion of marketing automation.

Just getting into email marketing? Listen in!

Mar 12, 2015


In this week's Content Convo, marketing experts James Scherer, Samantha Mykyte and Claire Grayston get into the power of contests. Can you actually find long-term success with contests, and where do they fit into your business' sales funnel?


Plus they'll share with you hints as to what contest type, prize and social platform may work best for your business. Check it out!

Mar 5, 2015

In this week's Content Convo content experts James Scherer, Claire Grayston and Samantha Mykyte discuss data driven marketing. They dig into the key performance indicators (KPIs) Wishpond uses to measure and track its content, social media and email marketing's success.   

Plus they give you a few insights into how you can measure and track your own marketing efforts. 


Give it a listen!

Feb 27, 2015


In this week's Content Convo, content experts James Scherer and Samantha Mykyte discuss tone and personality in business. They debate the differences between how your business should sound to existing clients, and how it should sound to a content reader or lead. They also give you a few simple and actionable exercises to help discover the tone that will work best for your own business. Listen in!

Feb 20, 2015

Andrew Torba, CEO & Cofounder of Kuhcoon, discusses the journey that led to his business’ recent backing by Y-Combinator, a VC which funds early-stage startups.


Torba started Kuhcoon after finding it impossible to manage a client’s Facebook ad campaigns on mobile. Identifying a hole in the market, Torba created a Facebook ad business focusing on handheld management, automated optimization as well as A/B testing and ad rotation. Kuhcoon’s goal is to expand to all paid advertising in the future, starting soon with Google ads.

Feb 16, 2015


Are you publishing too much content? How much is too much anyway? In this 18-minute podcast, Wishpond content experts James Scherer, Samantha Mykyte and Claire Grayston discuss the amount of content (and types) your business should be creating, and why. They get into what types of content Wishpond creates and for what objective, all to help your business find the same kind of content success they have. Listen in!

Feb 6, 2015


In the past 12 months, content marketing has evolved, and transparency has become a buzzword for success. In this 20-minute Content Convo, Wishpond content marketers James Scherer, Samantha Mykyte and Claire Grayston talk candidly about transparency in their sector. Where has transparency come from, and where is it going in the future? How can you implement a transparent strategy in your own marketing to create trust and boost readership? Listen in!

Feb 4, 2015

In this episode we chat with Hunter Boyle, Senior Business Developer at AWeber, about how Boyle came to be with AWeber, AWeber’s startup journey, email marketing tips and why we need to respect the inbox. Hunter Boyle leads partnerships for email powerhouse AWeber and has been growing businesses since the dot-com days. A longtime sales and marketing author and international speaker, he’s helped countless marketers optimize their sites, marketing channels and campaigns. Hunter’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Newsweek, MarketingProfs, Success and BtoB Online. Connect with him at

Feb 4, 2015

Rebekah's bubbly personality and passion for writing made it an easy transition for her from morning radio host for ten years, to one of the top 10 most shared content marketers of 2014. Rebekah Radice is the founder of Rebekah Radice, LLC and a founding partner of Imagine WOW; digital marketing agencies committed to helping business professionals align strategy and intention for breakthrough social media results. Rebekah is the author of "How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition" and recently named an Inman Top 100 Most Influential Leader for the second year in a row, as well as one of the Top Ten Most Shared Content Marketers of 2014. In today's podcast we cover how she built her brand from the ground up, how she became a successful social media strategist, the importance of personable social profiles and actionable content and more! Enjoy!

Feb 4, 2015

In the first episode of Wishpond’s new Podcast Interview series, we talk with Len Markidan, Director of Marketing at Groove. Len heads up Groove's innovative business blog which breaks down their startup journey from $0 to $100,000 in monthly revenue. In this podcast Len discusses:

  • How Groove finds success with employees based all over the world
  • How they used transparency and honesty to grow their blog to become their #1 acquisition channel
  • The importance of a helpdesk for excellent customer service (and what makes Groove different from their competitors).

We hope you enjoy!

Feb 3, 2015

In this episode we talk with Josh Feinberg, VP of Platform/Product Management at VerticalResponse. VerticalResponse helps grow your business with email marketing. Fourteen years ago, Josh was VerticalResponse's first employee and today he shares interesting stories on their startup journey to success. Listen to learn more about VerticalResponse.